ASU “Best Bang for your Tuition Buck”

ASU once known as the party school has changed under the leadership of Dr. Michael Crow.  It is no longer seen as the party school with over 70K students it is a large school and it is finally getting the reputation it deserves.  In Princeton’s “Best Bang for your buck” 2018 ASU has made it to the list.  You can read the full report here

Arizona State University is gaining national recognition for its quality and excellence which makes me very proud of out top State School.

Arizona Restaurant Week


Few weeks excite us foodies here in Arizona like Arizona Restaurant Week  

Every year at the start of the summer and at the end Arizona Restaurants come together and create menus for a fixed price which are available to its patrons.  The meals are typically 3 course and all taxes and gratuities are extra.  The prices in 2018 range for $34 to $44 per person.  For years I have taken advantage of these offers and its is especially good to try the very expensive restaurants like Morton’s.  Although it is still hovering in the 100’s in Arizona for Zonies that is a cool down so its off to the best restaurants in town to celebrate at a great price.  It really is a great idea and one that I take advantage of every year.  So check out the link above surprise your partner and wine and dine them in some of the best eateries in Arizona and there are many.  You will need to book a table either with the restaurant or on Open Table as they get pretty full this week.

Justin Billingsley Arizona

Arizona immediately brings to mind heat, heat and more heat.  Yes its true in Summer its all about the heat.  If you are not afraid of the heat it is a great time to visit for the best prices for hotels, Spa and golf (If you can golf in 110 degrees that is, not for the faint hearted).   If you love blue skies great temperature and  some amazing hikes in January when there is 5 feet of snow in other places then Arizona is for you.

I am Justin Billingsley, Arizona native and sometimes blogger about our great State, the food, the people and Real Estate.


Why I Got into Food Blogging

I have long been passionate about healthy eating. I am also vehemently opposed to animal product consumption, with a deep understanding of the ethical obligations of veganism. All throughout most of my life, I ate unhealthy. I had no regard for what I put into my body. Eating vegetables seemed more like a chore and an obligation, as opposed to a choice. In a society which is filled with junk food at every street corner, many of those who want to eat healthy do not know where to even start.

Healthy eating not easy and accessible to many. In America, our social lives often revolve around alcohol and unhealthy food. Veganism is often looked at as an extreme and unreasonable lifestyle. Many of those who desire to be fit and healthy view it as something which is only attainable for the young and privileged in society. I want healthy vegan eating to seem accessible and attainable to all.

I want to provide an online presence of accessible clean and healthy eating. I want to be the blog that I would have needed when I first started eating healthy.

My biggest tip to those who want to develop a social media presence is to develop an online presence that the past you would have needed.